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Default You lucky, lucky b*****d!!

Man why does everybody but me have good luck with stuff!!

Seriuosly tho, could you tell me exactly what you did and what lines you edited / added to your config files? I am sure I didn't miss anything but you never know!!

Just out of curiousity here's my specs, how much different are they to yours:

Athlon XP 2200
Abit KX7-333
256MB XMS 3200
Creative Geforce 3 Ti 200

Redhat 8 (2.4.18-14)
X Server 4.2.0

I used source tarballs, rpms and source rpms all the same result (black screen)

I edited:


Added:Load "glx" Removed: Load "dri"

Checked for:


alias-char-major-195 nvidia

Checked XFree86.0.log (Not a single warning or error when using: startx -- -verbose 5 - logverbose 5)

All files existed and in the right place and am still at a loss, as I said in previous post changed to version 3123 of driver and all ok!!
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