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Umm..... I'm not really wanting to go down this road any further as it appears you are trying to make a mountian out of a mole hill.

Going by your way of thinking it would be very wrong for me to do, or show any information or performance figures for this card as it was sent to me as a dead example, and may have been from a pre production batch.

If I were set-up for it I would maybe have a go but like said I have lost everything recently and downloading things on a dial up takes so long, I don't have DX9 or 3d mk atm. The card was sent to me for a reason and I barely have the time at the moment to do that. I could understand your comments more If I had said "I have an FX..... benchmarks to follow". What you say is partly true about 3dMk but my opinion of it is based of previous versions. maybe this one will be more realstic.
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