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Default Nvidia support for Xen

@Nivdia Corporation and @Zander:

At the xenusers list, we resently had a short thread on Nvidia drivers.
Short, because no decent videcard has an Xen-aware driver.

Currently, I'm browsing for new hardware for a combined Xen server/workstation, so I'll need decent video performance.
No gaming, but DVD playback is on my wishlist. 1600x1200 is a must.
Oh, I'd hate to loose framebuffering, but, oh well...

The problem with video on Xen is that the driver needs to be Xen-aware. This is not the case with closed-source drivers, which the Linux community of cause cannot hack to make them work.
No decent AGP or PCIe card I know of have OSS drivers, nor do I see evidence of any graphics manufacturer paying attention to Xen.

Starting from april '06, we'll have Pacifica enabled dualcore cpu's.
This will further boost the options for an almost-all-in-one development workstation, but without Xen-aware videodrivers, we'll be stuck with Xen as a serversolution, allbeit a formidable one

Will Nvidia see The Light, and a window of opportunity here?

Personally, I may go for an Asrock 939DUAL-SATA2 mobo, permitting both AGP and PCIe video, and which -may- work with upcoming socket M2 cpu's.

So, I can get by with a decent AGP8 card until some PCIe card has proper Xen-aware drivers. But which one?

I'm at a loss here...

Mogens Valentin
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