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Default Re: K8N-DL won't boot Centos 4.1 after install

After 25 or more installs of Centos 4.1 ( a community version of RHEL 4.1 so what is said here is true for that too I'd say ) I have discovered that the nForce4 Pro controller will not boot Linux. I can only assume that others who have this controller supporting a software RAID are booting off a PATA drive first.

I have successfully booted off the 3114 controller, only when the 4 SATA II Spinpoint drives are set up as a concatenated set.

I raised an issue with ASUS, they have not bothered to respond, seems they are not interested in other than Windows support. Lots of people need low cost databases servers, I thought mobos like the K8N-DL was the answer, I realise this is a mistake, I'd send my 4 of these back if I could.

I have to say the Intel 945G with the ICH7R is looking pretty attractive with a single 820D, lower cost and better support for RAID under Linux. At least they claim to support it ( which is a start.

So save yourself a world of pain if you want SATAII support with NCQ and choose a different motherboard to the ASUS K8N-DL.

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