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first off, i never claimed that you were under any obligation to bechmark the card, i was hopeing you would so i and i didn't think it would hurt to ask. i was not put off by the fact that you did not accept my request, i was simply offened by the arguemnts you used to back up your dission. you see, sence i have apparntly not made this clear enough yet; i just want to know if the newer drivers are omiting things from rendering in order to achive the prefomace gains reported by recent reviews. i am not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, only tring to figure out if i am looking at a mountain or a mole hill. with your blatent disrespect for my intrest you are obviously the one buliding a mountain at this point, one right in front of me. also you claim that what i was saying was only partialy true, so according to you another part of what i say to be untrue. i am willing to accept the possablity that i might be misguided; however, you have yet to show anything to prove that i am, yet you still imply i am lying in some unspecified way. so i pose the question directly; what evedence do you have to slander my statments with the implecation of deceit?
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