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thanks guys for the good input. i have to go for "changing the psu" thing since it involves less risk of damaging any of my hardware, not to mention the easy part ...

coz come to think of it, it's running while in idle and only when i tend to put some load on it then my pc hang. w/c mean "running in idle = less work = less power input" whereas "put some load = more work = more power input".

though i'm not rulling out other possibilities or options but for now i think i'll change my psu first since i'm also planning in getting a faster cpu w/c will definitely need a lot of power.
you guys who are visiting this thread pls feel free to give your insights regarding the problem above. i'm still open to suggestion and besides others could benifit from this too....

i'll update soon.......soons as i have the $$$ to buy my psu.. ya know good things doesn't come cheap, and besides after buying that card, i'm kinda broke.....

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