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It's clear to me you are just set on making a fuss over nothing. I gave you valid reasons to begin with:-

"It's not mine to keep for long, and was just a card in a jiffy bag that came by post a was a bit battered on arival, (no box or discs). I have limited time due to work etc, so benching is something I wont be doing"

"I don't have DX9 or 3d mk atm. The card was sent to me for a reason and I barely have the time at the moment to do that"


"it would be very wrong for me to do, or show any information or performance figures for this card as it was sent to me as a dead example, and may have been from a pre production batch"

If I had games or 3d mk DX9 downloaded and installed I'd test it out for what you mention, but I'm doing other things to the card, not benchmarking it, which as I had already stated I have little time to do anyway. If you choose to disbelive my reasons then that's just fine:

Back on topic.

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