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Default Artifacts on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode

Hello people .
I got the card before 4 days, i just got what ever was the latest driver from Nvidia ( i do not remeber the ver. right now,and i am far from home,so to look) .
So everything worked fine , the card works very well in games and benchmarks and OC ,very ..very... well .

BUT , i noticed that even at default speed there is one issue with Artifacts, at my desktop ,when the system wakes from sleep mode.
There are not that many , but there is a small coruption in icons colors, and at every software that uses even basic 3D functions , like winamp .
If ,i do a complete reboot , i am ok again, no problems .

I just got 5 or 6 versions of drivers to try.

Is that a common issue?
I was had an ATI 9600 for many years, and now i need some seminars about the Nvidia stuff.

Win2k Pro SP4
P4 2.8C @ 3.3GHz 236FSB_ SLK900U+SFII 90mm _ P4C800-E Dlx _ OCZ 3200 R2 1024 tccd _ HEC525W _ MSI NX6800GT TD256 _ NV5 R2 _ 2x RAPTOR 74 Raid1
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