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Default Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode

6800GT artifacts Fix

Hello again, I found the solution of my problem , it looks to be one large bug, related with the windows control panel ,and the NVIDIA s control panel .

I was lost for three days ,by don’t knowing where to start looking for solution.
I tested four drivers sets , and the problem was there .
I started to believe that , or I got a bad apple? Or, there is a hardware issue with my motherboard.

But I noticed accidentally, that some how , the refresh rate of my screen was different from the one, that I had set at “Display properties panel” ( I had set 85Hz) , and the system, at every waking from the sleep mode was running at 100Hz !!
I start to wonder, who sets new refresh rate, at my system other than me ?? !!
At the windows display properties – settings –advanced – resolution & refresh rate tab.. The refresh was at 100Hz .

By changing the refresh rate from this panel, to 85Hz , the problem solved for good.
This issue, does not have to do with my monitors refresh rate limits, my monitor goes even to 120Hz at 1024x768.
The point is that there is a problem between the windows control panel and the NVIDIA s , its like the driver to not know at every waking ,to were to set the refresh rate, (Even if you had set it at windows display properties –monitor Tab !! And at every waking from sleep mode , the NVIDIA driver was just unable to restore the proper timings.
1)At the monitors refresh rate
2)At the 6800GT memory controller (That’s why I got artifacts in a first place)

By making any adjustments directly on the NVIDIA s control panel , the driver is now directly informed of what to do , and yes it does execute your settings correctly.

I was for many years faith to ATI, and finally I took the decision to try my luck with the really great and famous NX6800GT .
Well, the hardware is really great, and the special made, MSI cooler too, but the software ??!!
Nice welcoming, you did to me NVIDIA.

Here is a photo of my box, at list now it works at it should be.

P4 2.8C @ 3.3GHz 236FSB_ SLK900U+SFII 90mm _ P4C800-E Dlx _ OCZ 3200 R2 1024 tccd _ HEC525W _ MSI NX6800GT TD256 _ NV5 R2 _ 2x RAPTOR 74 Raid1
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