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Default 6800gt strange results >bios gpu volt mod really work?

New guy here, hi to all!

Love this Forum and Site!

I have an XFX 6800GT AGP with NV5.3 HS, I did a 1.4v mod to the BIOS using NiBitor and NVflash, the result is strange as when I autotest overclocking within the driver clock speed tab, it doesnt want to O/C just leaves it at 350/1000 (stock) when I flash back to stock 1.3v it will auto test up to 484/1060...

At first I thought, well OK so it is not really using 1.4v when I mod the BIOS...or is it? It did change something! But then again, why would folks have to "hard mod" (pencil/resistor) if a BIOS mod really worked?

What is the real low down, anybody really know?

If I need to do a "hard mod" does anyone know of a good guide for an 6800GT-AGP volt mods? I see a few for ultras-PCI-E but am afraid they are not the same as my AGP card and the pics are not really good, I can just see me messing with the wrong resistor!

Thanks for any help or comments.
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