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Default Re: 5900xt with PCI-e bios

Originally Posted by jimmor
There are many people who have had no problems using PCI-E type 5900xt cards with AGP bioses. You just need to search around !

For example, check out the thread linked below for an instance of a successfull flashing with a 5950u AGP bios.

I don't think I've accurately described the situation here. I got the card and it already had a PCI-e bios on it, which makes me think the card was "played with" before I purchased it. Not surprising, considering I bought it from a shop that specialises in old (sometimes ex-demo) hardware.

Much of this is not even relevent anymore though. I was finally able to test the card in another system and it does the same thing. The card's definitely messed up. If you let it run long enough in the generic opengl flower screensaver, built into windows, it'll crash! Definitely a screwy card. I'm going to see how quickly I can get it replaced tomorrow.
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