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Originally posted by Skynet
no I am afraid you don't understand the point at all. Future DX8/9 games are going to be much more video card dependent and less CPU intensive.
to quote Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring movie, "you know this? how?" me thinks you are trying to look into the palantir when you shouldn't.

I understand that the CPU still has to do some physics/AI etc. but that computational load is must less intense than shifting around billions of pixels. 3DMark03 is designed properly for the future of gaming and gaming cards.
again, what makes you think this? have video card companies been saying that the CPU is no longer as necessary for the DX9 generation of games? have game developers been saying that? those aren't rhetorical questions. please give me the evidence behind your statements. you seem awfully sure of yourself.

look back a few years to the lates 90s. the GeForce256 was just announced with this amazing thing called a hardware Transform & Lighting engine. it was supposed to usher in a new era of high polygon gaming and make the need for upgrading CPUs less. suddenly, slower CPUs would be just as good as fast CPUs because the great number of graphical calculations would be offloaded from CPUs and done on the GPU. games utilizing T&L(ie DX7 games) were supposed to be right around the corner and everyone was supposed to be delighted that this video card would be awesome and extend the life of a computer's CPU.

flash forward to the present day, some 3-4 years later. obviously it took a lot longer for real DX7 games to show up. UT2003 makes good use of T&L, and Doom3 is based on the featureset of the gf1 as the minimum hardware needed to render.

now, look at the many DX7 and DX8 games that have been released. almost all of them are very CPU dependent

physics and AI will keep improving. coders will take advantage of and use available CPU power where they can. if that means that this time the CPU will be offloaded so it can do AI and physics(a promise of DX7 and T&L which never really happened, if anything games became more CPU dependent), then we'll be just as CPU limited down the road as we've always been.

you severely underestimate the computation required for good physics and good AI. remember Tresspasser? remember how slow it was? that was the remarkable physics engine it had at the time. and the physics were still far, far from perfect(if i remember there was little to no friction when moving objects).
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