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Talking Re: 6800 gs looking good :)

just search newegg bum and i dont really want to spend much at all so im going to buy it now, i can almost do everything with my 6600gt, so hopefully ill get 100 for it and so this will be like a nice $100 upgrade ill wait till summer before i look at 7 series cards, its just that my 6l600 gt flies through cod2, bf2, black and white2, little trouble on fear, and almost doom 3 at max max max, so the 6800 gs should give me just the little umph i need hehe, besides when vista and unreal 2007 come out then i can rejudge my position, and i have a amd 3400 so my 6600gt still hasent experiecned the 10% boost you get with x2 processors, which is in the mail
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