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Originally posted by StealthHawk
to quote Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring movie, "you know this? how?" me thinks you are trying to look into the palantir when you shouldn't.
rofl, well Gandalf, where have you been, maybe you should lay off the pipe a little? the off loading of the cpu is not some unjustifiable look it the future, it is the direction the industry has been pushing for years, and we all have nvidia to thank for being the major motivator in that direction. up until recently quite a few foolish fanboys claimed that it was all a conspiracy to overthrow 3dfx and would never be of any use to gamers. actually if you go check out the forums at i will bet there are some still holding to that story now. last i knew they also have some guys that are planing to resurrect 3dfx and are pushing the slogan "revenge is commeing." rofl
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