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Originally posted by kyleb
rofl, well Gandalf, where have you been, maybe you should lay off the pipe a little? the off loading of the cpu is not some unjustifiable look it the future, it is the direction the industry has been pushing for years, and we all have nvidia to thank for being the major motivator in that direction.
what in the world are you talking about? look at some recently released games that push the technological edge. Jedi Knight2, Morrowind, Commanche4, Unreal Tournament2003. i know for a fact that these are all very CPU dependent engines. whether or not the CPU is actually having more of the transforming offloaded from it in these games is irrelevant. in fact, if they are, then it helps prove my point.

that point being that games in the future will stay CPU limited.

so take your pick. either video cards have not been offloading the work from the CPU in newer games, or they have and the CPU cycles are being spent elsewhere. either way we still have the more pretty tech-pushing games being CPU limited.

up until recently quite a few foolish fanboys claimed that it was all a conspiracy to overthrow 3dfx and would never be of any use to gamers. actually if you go check out the forums at i will bet there are some still holding to that story now. last i knew they also have some guys that are planing to resurrect 3dfx and are pushing the slogan "revenge is commeing." rofl
i'm sure they do. and i never said offloading the CPU wasn't a good thing. i want good AI, and i want better physics.

frankly, it doesn't matter WHAT the CPU is doing, past, present, or future. it will still be used to its capacity while doing whatever task it is doing.

you guys that keep saying the future is games that will magically not be CPU limited in any major capacity ala 3dmark03 has not been justified at all yet.

you made the statements, you(not necessarily you kyleb, although you seem to be supporting Skynet) need to back them up. you can do this a few ways.

1) show me the trend of recent technology leading games that are not CPU limited, or are more specifically video limited only.

2) show me quotes from ATI or another video card company that thinks games will follow this trend.

3) show me game developer quotes that say the CPU will be idling because everything will be done on the video card, and AI and physics won't be enough to stress the CPU fully.

i mean, really. enough is enough. time to show the hand you're holding. all i see and hear is a bunch of rhetoric with no actual substance to it.

you can ignore all the above if your statement is just based on personal opinion and nothing else, but if it is, then please just say so.
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