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Default Re: 6800gt strange results >bios gpu volt mod really work?

Originally Posted by DJB
You can get to 1.4v by BIOS modding. However, listen to the person telling you that there are issues with it.
It is well known. 6800GTs don't like 1.4v. Three of three I have tested got less stable. After much testing, tweaking, cooling, etc. I decided it just was not worth it, as did many other folks.


Thanks for the response,

It would seem as all cards are not created equal, this is a new XFX 6800GT AGP and it looks like no others (incl older XFX) that I have seen, it does not take any 1.4v BIOS mods, including its own done with the latest NiBitor and will need hard mod, even that will be "new" as all latest mods show nothing like this board... but still may apply, just don't know yet...

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