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Default Re: ATT Keung RE:Nvidia Driver

Originally posted by nurseman911
I couldn't figure out how to reply to you.
That command gives me the output :

BTW I got X to run fine by picking another NVidia card during the install. But since I want to LEARN Linux, I want to try this
2.4.18-14 is the orginal kernel version of RedHat 8.0 CD.
you can found driver at nvidia official site :

Because the kernel source package included all the driver. Once kernel rebuild, all driver need rebuild.

A bug was found and fixed, new version has rebuild (released),
driver is needed a new rebuild.
The RH 8.0 kernel is build with module.
kernel and driver module can rebuild separately.

I learn rebuild kernel from these site. :

May be the driver not support you VGA card?
What card you tried failed.
In fact I have not idea of different model of VGA card. I think you can check VGA card isn't support on offical site.

Hope it answer you question.

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