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Default Re: 5900xt with PCI-e bios

Ok, here's the quickest rundown I could come up with:

1. Got card, installed it
2. Installed drivers (7x.xx series)
3. Installed Riva tuner to enable overclocking (there are easier ways but this was quick)
4. attempted auto overclock from Nvidia control panel - failed immediately as in no overclock possible.
5. attempted to underclock core in lower increments but failed EVERY time
6. attempted same with mem but failed EVERY time
7. ran 3dmark03 with default clocks and got horrible graphical glitches
8. reflashed card with AGP specific bios

So the original thread about wondering if this is a bios issue appears to be invalid - both bios versions did the same thing (PCI-e and AGP).

So unless someone has some other idias, this is sounding like a trip back to the vendor is in order.

I should also state that the previous card in this system was an EVGA 5900se and it worked perfectly with the same drivers until it had an unfortunate accident.
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