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Default Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode

Well it looks that my problem solved just momentarily, so I wrote an email to MSI, and I am waiting for reply...

Dear Sir or Madam .

I like to report one technical issue, about one video card that I got before one week .
GeForce 6800 GT _ BIOS Version

Model : NX6800GT-TD256(602-8966-010)
Serial No: 602-8966-010B0412123092
Part No : G57-CB00578

Before I start with the details , I like to say that I am a technical person 35 years old with in depth experience in computers hardware , as my job is to build computers.
Most at the times I troubleshoot the systems of the others , but now the problem it happen to me, and I have stuck .

Problem description : When the system restarts from the power saving mode ( Stand-By or Sleep ) , I have corruption at the 2D environment (Windows Desktop ), and also this 2D corruption , effects icons in the taskbar , and some 2D applications.
The corruption looks like , colored dots and colored lines at random places on my screen.
Also some of the icons, in the taskbar , they look distorted .

Current troubleshooting steps, done with out success .
1)Tested more than five versions of drivers .

2)The Motherboard fails to post the card from S3 mode (actually the system hangs, if I force it ( By the BIOS ) to re post the Video card Bios from the S3 power saving mode( when its time to wake the card ).
3)The video cards uses a non shared IRQ

4)The video card operates normally , only if the computer boots from a total power-off condition .

5)If the 2D corruption happen , the simple reboot , does not help, to cure the effect.

Additional information .
The video card operates normally at 2D and 3D, if the system did not fall in power saving mode .
The video card, is installed on the motherboard with the proper way , in to the AGP slot .
The system is not overclocked(not yet ), as Power supply, I use the HEC 520Watt.

P4 2.8C HT
ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe i875
1024MB Memory.

Personal Speculation of what causes the problem :
I believe that there is a BIOS Bug on the video card .
The 2D corruption happens because the card is unable to boot correctly at the factory memory settings, when it wakes, from the power saving mode.
Result , video memory timings become unstable, and cause corruption.

Unfortunately, I do not have Internet connection, at my current location , so I can not use the MSI Internet update, so to get a better BIOS , if there is, any .

Can you please advice me , of what to do ?
The only options that I can imagine , are :
1)To send me one new BIOS rom and flasher .
2)To return the card, at the retail channel, as bad .

Itís clear now to me, that itís a pure hardware bug , and its not related to software, like drivers or operating system.

As further assist I send you one attachment with one image of the MSI screen panel, with all the details of the card type and in-depth specs.

Thanks in advance .
P4 2.8C @ 3.3GHz 236FSB_ SLK900U+SFII 90mm _ P4C800-E Dlx _ OCZ 3200 R2 1024 tccd _ HEC525W _ MSI NX6800GT TD256 _ NV5 R2 _ 2x RAPTOR 74 Raid1
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