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Part of DX9 ps2.0 is also ps1.4, 1.3 - 1.1. Meaning if parts of the benchmark is using ps1.4 is because that is all that is required for rendering that stage or even 1.1 version, it is all part of DX9 spec. That doesn't make it less then a DX9 benchmark. 3dMark03 supports most pixel shaders inherit in DX9 and uses the best one available for your card. Why penalize cards with ps1.4 support just because your card doesn't have it. Now some effects did require vs2.0 and ps2.0 to work reasonalbly where as ps1.4 and 1.1 with multiple passes wouldn't work. As for why FutureMark didn't use ps1.3? Well it just doesn't give you much more of anything is the bottom line.
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