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Default MSI 6600GT pci-e. How should i know its ok?

hi there!!
Its my 1st post and i want to know something for my new card
I just bought an MSI 6600GT pci-e and i load the 81.85 official
I want to know what tests should i run for checking that my card is ok and there's no problem.
I also wanna know that the results from the tests are ok or not for my card.

Please i want the answers to be a little bit detailed, because i dont know so much about graphics cards !!

My system is:

Windows XP sp2
Gigabyte 915P Duo Pro
Intel i915P
Intel P4 3 GHz socket 775
2 x 512 Mb DDR2-SDRAM Kingston
MSI 6600GT 128Mb PCI-e
Western Digital 160 GB SATA

Thanks a lot
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