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Default Re: MSI 6600GT pci-e. How should i know its ok?

Originally Posted by skank
Install a game.

Play it.

If it works, it's fine.

Really if you want to benchmark it to see it is working then a synthetic benchmark like 3DMark will work just fine.

03 or 05 will serve your purpose, 05 will be very jerky though, so use 03 for a smoother experience.

Just download, install and run the default benchmark.

you should get around 8000 points in 3Dmark 03.
Ok i ll run the test.
Another question
I played the half-life2 yesterday
I turn the options to full and the rate to 1024x1028
If the screen is static everything is allright but when i move the mouse left or right quick then u can watch that the objects "breaks". For example a wall it was breaking into some parts. When i stop the movement everything is allright. There's no mouse fluid movement in other words.
Can u tell me why it happens and how can i stop that ?

Thanks in advance
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