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I pick option 5.

5) The benchmark did not provide the GeForce FX 5800U results that was anticipated either by themselves or by the public.

It does not mean that the benchmark was bad nor does it have anything to do with NV31/34 or current NVIDIA-based products.

This is nothing new to NVIDIA. NVIDIA has criticized Futuremark's products before (e.g. 3DMark2000 back in January of 2000). The results of 3DMark2000 was not inline with a certain reviewer's expectations (he's not exactly a tech-head). Rather than call the reviewer's bluff (i.e. he's an idiot), NVIDIA chose to attack the benchmark.

You will find, if you haven't noticed already, that reviewers have teflon shielding. They often don't get criticized for not understanding a benchmark's results or misusing a benchmark.
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