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Default 6600GT black pixel dots in 2D; stuttering games


I have purchased a Club3D Geforce 6600GT and I get black 1px artifacts in windows when there is movement on screen - eg. I drag windows or icons or around files are being copied animation. These pixels flicker.
I had no such problem with 4200ti card. Power supply is 400W. Thirst assumed it was power related - changed the PSU - but nothing! The card is not overheating as well. Sometimes the black pixels form lines (when scrolling the webpages) and even sometimes the computer freezes for some time and there are many of these annoying lines on screen.

I also have an another problem. In games (NFS Most Wanted for example) I get stuttering - the game runs fine and fast but every two second it hangs for some milliseconds - it is not smooth. This happens every time HDD indicator lights. I have checked the guide on fixing the stuttering - BIOS settings and DMA. No help. 512MB Ram and Athlon XP 1700+ should be enough to run it. The stuttering remains also when I play the game on the lowest settings.

Thanks in advance!
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