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And exactly how do you know it's badly written? You've dissected the source code already? Or are you simply parroting a certain IHV's opinion?
Read the whitepaper..

there are many REAL games out there that unfortunately are also badly written

case in point... ut2k3... even though I play it flawlessly @ 1600x1200 epic really made me mad with the memory leaks and what not in the game

however it is still used as one of the premier benchmarking games out there... even with the splash screen... even with the memory leak issues... hence alls fair... init ?

btw I still don't understand why 3dmark03 is considered badly written...
Yeah, but it runs at a decent frame rate on gpu's lesser than a 9700 dont it?!

It's badly written because it does soo much redundant stuff. Like skinning the characters 3 times! No 3d-engine coder in the games industry would do that. Publishers simply wouldn't accept users _requiring_ a 9700/Gf-FX to get playable frame-rates.

Do you realize that each strand of the woman's hair is being rendered individually in that scene? Let me guess, you would rather have a big blurred texture there instead?
Yes I did realize that, and no I would not have preferred a big texture slapped on her head. There are many other methods for doing more realistic hair than that. They basically picked the easiest method, which also probably used the most resources and looked the worst.
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