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Originally posted by FrgMstr
That situation has been corrected and was corrected some time ago, but you would not know that as you "don't go there." Thanks.
It was? Really? When? As far as I know they've never stepped up and apologized for their heavy-handed behavoir, nor have they even ACKNOWLEDGED it yet! That ain't "correcting the problem", that's "brushing it under the table" and I think it's low-class and the cheesy way to go about handling it. It tells me a lot about their integrity and their ethics, and it tells me that both of them bottomline STINK!


[h]=nazi forum mods, I don't go there.

BTW-If it has been "corrected", why am I still banned from then?

BTW2-Yes, I do have a tendancy to hold a grudge forever and me position on this one ain't changing unless [h] ever decides to get some real nuggers and stand up and address the issue.
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