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Default Re: Dismayed by X crashes after logout

We too have an x crashing problem after logout, but we have also found a scenario where a similar problem occurs on initialization and is repeatable. We are NOT using ruby or anything kernel specific, and the problem occurs on both Asus VIA and nforce4 boards. We filed a very detailed bug report on November 18th, and haven't heard anything. Indeed, the problem is specific to situations where more than one x server is running, but it is not specific to a board or distro -- so far we have not found one user or company that has been able to avoid this crashing with multiple users - using many different approaches, boards, and distros. Also, using the nv driver prevents the problem, but obviously that has other drawbacks, including that more recent cards won't even work with the nv driver.

Here is the bug report I filed, is still the correct address?
My company sells multi-user computers, and we are in the process of
moving to Ubuntu (instead of standard debian) and switching to the
latest nvidia drivers (required because newer cards don't work with
the old nvidia drivers).

Now we are seeing problems with X servers crashing and not being able
to start back up again. We have finally found a repeatable scenario
for this normally intermittent problem. There are 4 cards, each
independent with their own keyboard and mouse. The X server on :3
won't come up, and complains about /dev/nvidia1 in the gdm log, but x
server :3 should not be trying to use /dev/nvidia1. This same
problem occurs intermittently in other configurations, i.e. all
screens come up fine and 1/2 hour later when someone logs out/in one
screen crashes and won't come back up until we /etc/init.d/gdm

Key Points:
1. Please tell us what we need to do to help you debug this. we are
willing to put in the time to debug it, but we've tried everything we
can possibly think of over the past 2 weeks. We are willing to sign
an NDA, send you hardware, make a trip to your headquarters, etc.,
whatever it takes. we even have a multi-user live cd we can give you
so you don't need to spend time configuring your software
2. it is mainly intermittent, and occurs ~ 1/20 times when a user is
logging out/in -- however, we now have a situation in which all cards
will not start up and it is repeatable
3. the messages in /var/log/gdm/:X when display X crashes and won't
restart reference a /dev/nvidiaY device where Y is a different display
-- in other words, one video card is trying to interfere with another
4. running /etc/init.d/gdm restart will get the cards back up again
after a crash (but the repeatable problem where the fourth card won't
come up can't be fixed in any way)
5. we have finally found a completely repeatable situation under which
this occurs, so we can debug and get you any information you need
6. we have read about several other people having this exact same
problem, some on your forums. we have tried all the suggestions to no
7. we have even tried your "leaked" 8168 drivers, which behave the same or worse
8. we have replicated this on several different motherboards. we saw
one thread where you blamed the motherboard, so we bought a asus
nvidia nforce4 chipset motherboard so we could have a complete nvidia
solution. We don't know of any motherboard that could possibly be
9. This particular repeatable problem happens to occur on a dual
pci-e motherboard with 2 pci-e cards and two pci cards, but as I
mentioned it happens with normal agp boards, so dual pci-e isn't the
10. I know you probably think multi-user isn't important, but more
and more people are switching to it. if we can't resolve this, we
will have to look at other brands of video cards and nvidia's linux
and multi-user friendly reputation won't be as good. If we find the
root cause of this problem, that could fix other bugs or prevent more
serious problems down the road, so it really is in your best interest
to get this fixed.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
a bug report is available with extra log and configuration files included:

Thank You,
Michael Pardee
Open Sense Solutions LLC
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