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Default Re: Dismayed by X crashes after logout

I apologize for the delay in responding to your email sooner. I've just sent you a reply, and am including it here as well:

Looking at the log file, it seems that the kernel's virtual address space is barely large enough to support your configuration under normal circumstances, and, depending on what's going on in the system, the space remaining with all but the last X server up can be fragmented enough for the register mapping attempt to fail.

The system in question is a Linux/x86 system with 2GB of RAM, the
kernel's virtual address space is < 128MB to begin with.

A couple of things worth trying:
- make sure vesafb is disabled (it's unclear if it's actually
attached to cards in this case).
- use the 'vmalloc' kernel parameter to increase the kernel's
virtual address space size (e.g. to 196MB).

If neither of the above helps, and you are still willing to ship a system that easily reproduces this problem, please let me know, and I'll provide you with a shipping address. Getting a system that easily reproduces this is the best way to ensure that development can investigate further.

Lonni J Friedman
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