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FX flow is very easy to remove from the card, even easier than the stiff pinned sink on a Radeon 9700.

The the top part of the clear cover has 4 screws retaining it. The bottom clear part which has the fan mounted in it is fixed to the copper heatpipe unit with two screws. the ram sink on the backside is made with 4 pins that go through holes in the card and then holes in the copper frontside cooler. It's then retained by two spring steel pieces that just push down and slide out. all that is left now is the main copper heatpipe unit and two screws through the card with a spring steel retainer pressing on the back area of the GPU is all that holds it on. The worst part was removing the remains of the Chewing Gum thermal pad from the GPU.

The water-cooler is made and fitted to the card, (but I need confirmation before I can post images, as this is a joint project with other parties)

I'm just about to install it in my water cooled system and if it works the FX will be silently cooled better than any heatsink fan, (especially in my system with a current coolant temp of 9.3C).

I was not 100% sure the cooler would fit. I actually made it to images of the bare FX shown on the net before Xmas, as I didn't have a real card. It required a fair amount of educated guessing on my part, along with using an FX image I printed out at actual real life card size. On getting the card it just required two areas on the ram blocks to be milled slightly and some retaining holes drilled and it appears to fit just fine. I also decided to make this cooler a one slot solution if I could, so this might be the only silent and cool, one slot FX 5800 Ultra in existance.

off now to swap it out with the R9700..........
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