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Default Re: XBox 360 games comparison on SDTV vs HDTV

Originally Posted by ajay()
After reading all this I could really do with some advice. I'd like to appreciate the 360 in all it's glory, but I can't afford an HDTV (to be honest I'm currently contemplating upgrading my 6800u to a 7800 instead... but probably won't )
Anyway would I be right in saying that the cheapest option would be getting a pc monitor and a vga box?
In addition, would the quality be as good as it would be if played through a £1000 hdtv?
Will all games be compatible (I'm just casting my mind back to Dreamcast days!)
Can anyon recommend both a monitor and a 360 compatible vga box?
(I'm in the uk btw)
Thanks for you help, in advance.
From what I've seen, yes, the VGA cable is a good option. It looks the same as through an HDTV from what I hear (or at least, the same resolution). For a monitor, anything that supports at least 1280x720 should be OK.

And I'd have to agree that going from a 6800u to a 7800 isn't quite substantial enough given the options. Might be better to wait until the next generation of cards are availible. It's not like any game runs BADLY on a 6800u now...well, not any game that isn't also availible on the Xbox 360, anyway
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