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Originally posted by StealthHawk
that point being that games in the future will stay CPU limited.

so take your pick. either video cards have not been offloading the work from the CPU in newer games, or they have and the CPU cycles are being spent elsewhere. either way we still have the more pretty tech-pushing games being CPU limited.
I think this is pretty much true. That is, the CPU is still spending too much time with just graphics on DX8-level cards to not be CPU-limited. This may change once games go fully-DX8 (which has not yet happened, and we may instead just go fully-DX9 first).

As a side note, I think the next big step in making use of the CPU will be fluid dynamics. This will be most visible in smoke-like effects, but could also be used to great effect for foliage and hair (not to mention water).
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