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Default 6600GT black screen / Restart


I get a black screen from time to time with my 6600GT..the screen goes black for 1 sec and goes back to normal this happens if the computer is idle, im surfing the web or doing graphics etc..somtimes it happens 5times in 1hour and other times its just happens once every hour..the real problem comes when I start playin games that some games just crash back to the desktop without an error or I get a black screen n my computer just restarts..I wonder how to fix this as its annoying having the black screen because once in a while the screen turns black and even im just surfing the web or just listing to music the screen stays black! the monitor LED goes orange n thats it..gotta reboot..that happens rarely but it happens so its annyoing..i tried several different drivers but its will all the drivers the idle temp is around 60c and when playin for a few hours bf2 (when it doesnt act up n turn black) then I have around 80 - 83c but not more and it says in the nvidia cpanel that only from 145c the grahpic card will clock down to save itself from overheating..also I feel that my graphic card doesnt perform as good in games as it should in GTA SA on 1024x768 with everything on high 3AA and distance on LOW i get around 30 in the city n often drops to 22 fps the same with battlefield its ok sometimes but sometimes it drops to a bit under 25 on everything high but with 2AA on..

my system.

XP sempron 1450ghz @ 1950ghz
Gainward 6600GT 128mb
160GB hdd
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