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Default Re: 6600GT black screen / Restart

hi i havent tried reseating the agp slot but i will give it a try now..yes im connectin through a dvi to vga converter and it is tight..just speakin about it after formating my pc again I was doing nothing at the computer (just desktop) and it turned black once every hour let say but then it turned total black and the LED light went orange on the monitor and the pc rebooted automatically..I deactivated automatic reboot now so I get a bluescreen next time so I atleast see why it was rebooting..anyways after the reboot I get a similar popup as the "send error report" from windows but it says windows is started again after a SERIOUS error. or something I had to translate the error message so I hope u understand what i mean so I didnt make it to the shop to return the card today so I give it a shot n reseating the psu has 400w n it says 12v / 16a max...I was reading in another forum and it should be atleast 13a or something to run the card so I shouldnt have a do i figure out about the fluctuations???
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