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Default Re: Artifact on NX6800GT due to Sleep mode

Originally Posted by overvolt
Well it looks that my problem solved just momentarily.

Well ...
It's clear now to me, that it's a pure hardware bug , and its not related to software, like drivers or operating system, or other hardware parts.
This computer setup, was unchanged for 11 months, with out stability problems, even overclocked to 14x236Mhz Bus ( 3.3GHz) .
Prior VGA card ATI 9600XT (Sapphire) , never had a problem with it.

If it's a 6800GT Bug , i am not sure, that i like to live with it.
I was had one super stable - problem free system, even OCed .

I do thanks you about your report, if all the 6800GT cards act the same , i will have to think double times, before i start an RΜΑ form.

But i still hope that there must be a solution to it , other Bios ? who knows ?!!

At MSI at first i made web based asking for help report, but i got nothing.
Now i emailed them too.

Is any other person with a 6800GT totaly healthy around, so to inform as with details of the healthy card ?? Bios ver ..etc etc ..
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