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Angry More on the hijacking popups here

OK, they hijack the entire browser window, all of it, including the title bar, tool bars, and address bar. Then clicking anywhere acts as a link to the popup. So it's more being forced to click links than popups. Then it just goes on and on. Every 30 seconds - 2 minutes a new one.

It ONLY happens on this site! So if I am infected with spyware/adware, whatever...I got it here and it only attacks me here. This has been going on for weeks and several clean Windows installs. This is not a knee jerk reaction.

This was the main page when it started just now

This was the first popup, flash, but url's are in the title bars on some of them. Probably bull**** urls but....

Then, as I am typing this post, this one, when closed it spawns the next one...

The fake warning is spawned from the last popup, then this new one poped up with it as I was trying to printscreen.

This URL was on the address bar of one of them not pictured here:
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