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Default Re: Dismayed by X crashes after logout

After having implemented the multi-user local X server solution over the past years on different hardware platforms, both Intel and AMD I am reinforced in being convinced that Mike and I are talking about the same thing. Daniel Weingartner in Brazil, a multi-user pioneer had to reluctantly abandon Nvidia in favor of Sis 315 boards which solved the problem for him.
If I may suggest, you folks at Nvidia can easily implement your own multi-user system for testing in less than an hour. For you, it's a piece of cake. Just install a standard Linux distro with an AGP card and two or three PCI cards. Install Aivis' faketty module, see:
It's quick and simple.
I've included xorg.conf and gdm.conf and you're off and running. Start GDM with three or four local servers and then get crash the system by repeatedly pressing <CTRL><ALT>BKSP>. You can do it the polite way, by logging in and logging out until the servers crash, but <CTRL><ALT>BKSP> is quicker.
Believe me, if we had Nvidia working smoothly, the rapidly growing multi-user local X server community would embrace you. If you could provide us with a resonably priced multi GPU card (must absolutely be multi-GPU with seperate PCI addresses, like the Matrox G-550). We'd all be storming ahead. In the meantime, I'm up a creek and need a paddle fast. If I don't get a solution, we'll have to swithch the video boards. Painful, but what can I do?
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