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Default Re: 6600GT black screen / Restart

Originally Posted by Smokey
The reason I got thinking about the PSU, is because yesterday I starting reading up on which PSU to upgrade to as Im going to order a second 7800GT next week . Currently Im using a el chepo Q-Tec 550W, but what it states and what it is are two different things. Although it has served me well over the last couple of years, I know it will not be enough for SLi, and maybe holding me back on my overclocking of my cpu.

Before my upgrade I had a Barton 2500+ @ 3000+ with a 5900XT, and I too had a couple black screens, but I didnt bother looking as to why as it may have only happened less than say 10 x over a few weeks, and only when I was away from my pc.

I found some interesting reading on PSUs over at the forums
Im not saying it is your PSU, but it would be worth looking into.

hi thanks for the link I will look at the link n read about the PSU..i mean right now I got my sisters PSU in my pc its also 400watt but atleast I can be sure that its not my PSU because with the tft it still gave me blackscreens..right now im using my sisters crt monitor and so far no blackscreens and ive been using it now since 2hours..i played GTA the whole time n run at 1600x1200 with 3AA but therfor details on low and it runs more or less ok..i dont see no different between low n very high details whatsoever it just kills my pc somehow 2hours success with the crt lets hope it stays that way then I gotta consider trading my tft with my sisters crt and since the tft only supports 1024x768 n 75hz n this screen up to 1600x1200 at 100hz I prefer it eventho its massive lol..I came on the idea because at my last blackout with my tft as the screen went of for 1 second it came back on with "automatic screen adjusting" so it looked like the tft just goes blank because its adjusting the screen new all the time..I found another post on some board where a guy was talkin about his tft screen going blank sometimes with the 6600gt so maybe but just maybe that guy has the same screen as me n its just the tft (miro fp156) which is causing the problems.. @ TylerNZ if u have a tft but u have somewhere a spare crt then try it but I keep u updated i let it run now for a few hours if its not turning black then we know where the problem was!
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