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Default Re: More on the hijacking popups here

I should have clarified that. That would be because I name it that as a joke. I have a registry file I made that I double click to make a few registry changes quickly when I install Windows that includes my bandwidth connection tweaks and other stuff, including "popup generator pro". I've had it like that for years.

"Window Title"="Popup Generator Pro"

I am not hijacked. This site, or one of it's banners, or something is the source. I have installed Windows, fresh (not from my backup image even) completely offline, then came straight to this site first thing after connecting my network cable. Nowhere else. And the popups started here...and nowhere else.

If you don't get them, maybe you have a popup stopper working for you or whatever, but these popups are coming from this site. My built in Windows popup stopper is set to medium and Spybot is updated and blocking whatever it blocks...and they still popup here. Not every time I visit, just sometimes.
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