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Default Dawn Demo on 6800GT OC

I upgraded from a beefy FX5950U which was quite a card but I wanted a next gen card w/o buying a new mobo/cpu. I know for a fact that the Dawn Demo was made for the FX series, esp the Ultra one for the 5900's. I remember the Ultra Dawn Demo ran pretty damn smooth on my 5950. Now when I try to play it on my 6800GT, it struggles like crazy. However, Doom 3, HL2, Far Cry, all butter, AND Nalu runs smoothly, even Luna, a demo for the 7's runs smoothly on my pc. Im using an OC AthlonXP-M @ 2.4Ghz 1GB ram nforce 2, the works. Forceware 81.89 Beta. Any suggestions would be great. thanks.
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