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Originally posted by StealthHawk
as if their support should mean anything to us. i'm sorry if this sounds like a pathetic attempt to grasp at straws....but really it isn't.

great, Dell, the people advertising the highest end P4 systems with TNT2 and gf2mx chips in magazines and slogans like "all i need is more power than my friends" or other such rubbish.

and then of course we have Intel's advertising schemes: Pentium4 with NetBurst architecture, it makes the internet fly!

the reason it matters is that these companies have influence... dont forget intel makes boards and intel actually has a far larger slice of the cpu market than amd... dell is a big seller of intel parts exclusively intel desktops)

so these things add up... ie.. give credible weight to the legitimacy of 3dmark03 as a legit benchmark...

its just the way it is...

now when it comes to advertising... yer opening a can of worms slamming other companies in defense (in a manner of speaking) of nvidia
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