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Default Re: ***Official NFS: Most Wanted Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by agentkay
Thanks a lot.

However... I don't quite understand the concept of the markers/pinkslips.
After I beat my rivals, I notice I get two "Markers", used for special "backroom" improvements. I can use my two markers on two out of three things - "Visual" improvements, new "Parts" (rims, bodykits) and "Performance" enhancements.
I usually choose parts and performance, and I didn't noticed anything else, such as unlocking rival's car.

Thx in advance.

EDIT: GOOD GOD how stupid I was. I didn't realize that the question marks markers were unlocking the rival's cars. If I knew, I would choose this + "Performance". S**t. It could have been an easy way to get all cars... Is there any way to revert/restore my deeds? Will i'll be able to unlock all of the cars at the end?
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