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Default Re: 6600GT black screen / Restart

well the blackouts seemed to have gone but just the once where the screen turns black for 1 sec..with the crt monitor I had now 3 total blackouts (only reboot helped)...I doubt its the PSU eventho I used a different one but wouldnt the graphiccard mess up then by playin games etc.. when its using its 3d modus @ 500mhz but those crashes mostly happen when its either idle oder im surfing the web so its at 2d modus @ 300 mhz so power wise it shouldt mess up when its using less power but it should mess up when its using more power..I think somethings wrong with the card and not with my PC since it worked perfect before the upgrade..i should have maybe sticked to ATI since my two previous cards where ATI n never had problems but tomorrow Ill return the card n hopefully I can exchange it then and there and then i think about takin the same card again or takin an ATI
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