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Default Re: 6600GT black screen / Restart

yea I just set my bios back to default so its not overclocked now..the problem is I can just test parts of my sisters computer since I gave it to her a while back but where im from my friends etc.. dont have computers they just hang out in the streets rather then be on the PC so its always hard for me to test other things as in gettin a mainboard, ram, cpus , graphicards and so on Im using PCs since 5yrs and whenever i had a problem the only way find out what was causing the problem was to save money n buy a new mainboard lets say..oh have a small doubt in me about the grahpic card jsut because of what u said above i had a similar thought but I just cant explain it to myself that ever since 3weeks ago I had money to get a new graphiccard that my computer messes up I just have to blame the graphiccard lol..but I run the cpu now at 166FSb (1500mhz) and the RAM at 200mhz eventho its better to run both same speed but just to make sure everything is at default settings..the problem is this that I just can see it that nothing happens e.g. no blackouts and jsut when its time when the shop closes (where i want to return the card) the blackout was like that today aswell..i thought ok it runs fine like that but then it was 8pm the shops closed and 1 hour later i get a blackout I just wanna give it back tomorrow but I was readin of a similar problem somewhere a guy had with a 6600GT n he returned it n same thing happend again..then he bought a new PSU..same thing happend again n then he bought an ATI n same thing happend he said he is going to buy a new Im frustrated lol because if i give the card back n the new one acts up aswell it means to buy a new mainboard..and that said I would need to buy a 64bit board because its pointless buyin a non 64bit board because sooner or later i need it anyways for a better that in mind im frustrated already because it takes me like 6months to save up money for a new board and then I would need a new cpu aswell since i just got a 32bit sempron..oh well I will give it a few hours testing running some benchmarks now n this n that n tomorrow I just follow my gut feeling n either return it or not..lets see I keep u guys informed tho!

thanks for the help !
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