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Originally posted by Sazar
the reason it matters is that these companies have influence... dont forget intel makes boards and intel actually has a far larger slice of the cpu market than amd... dell is a big seller of intel parts exclusively intel desktops)

so these things add up... ie.. give credible weight to the legitimacy of 3dmark03 as a legit benchmark...

its just the way it is...

now when it comes to advertising... yer opening a can of worms slamming other companies in defense (in a manner of speaking) of nvidia
basically what i'm saying is these guys are full of it. it's marketing, and that's all it is. just like nvidia marketing. while i don't disbelieve some of what they(nvidia) say about 3dmark03 is true, it's obvious to anyone and everyone that they are complaining only because they are not the graphics kings.

i mean really, why would a CPU manufacturer endorse a benchmark where the CPU plays such a little role? it just doesn't fit. if anything, Intel wants the CPU to always be important, otherwise they will lose business.

Dell obviously does have something to gain. everyone with DX8 or lower hardware will run 3dmark03 then decide they need DX9 cards and boom, Dell sells more lucrative high profit systems.

honestly, i would never trust a statement made from a company that tries to sell me something. the motivation is in the wrong place. however, i will evaluate statements on my own and discern what truth there may be in them.

so it all comes down to this. yes, the statements "matter" in that your everyday Joe might see statements from big players like Intel, Dell, and ATI supporting 3dmark03 and agree with them. to me, it means nothing.
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