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Default Re: ***Official NFS: Most Wanted Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by toxikneedle
I started playing this and I'm upto 11 or 12, or something. Anyways I'm stuck with my crappy WV that I got in the beginning. Can't I sell it and buy another car without having another car in the garage?
You can only sell a car (in your garage) if you have at least another one that you can drive to the dealer. Remember you get only half of the stock price of the car that you are selling and all mods are ignored. Therefore I would not recommend selling a car. Just repeat some of the older races and get some money this way.

muaddib - Yes I meant the 3 question marks, behind them you can find the rivals cars. I canīt confirm it but I think when you complete the whole game to 100%, incl. 100% challenges and 100% Rep, you get a bunch of bonus cars and I think the rival cars should be included.

I finally have won the tough challenge (#69) with Camaro at heat level 7. Right at the start I made a 180 degree handbrake turn, went thru the stadium, straight towards the S corners and then to the Campus circle. I prefer the Campus circle to get rid of cops because this area has everything, 2 hidding spots, alternative routes, you can go really fast plus the cops canīt block the whole road. So I kept going in circles and waited for the right time when I got rid of the cops. When this happens you have maybe 5-10 seconds to get to the hidding spot (Campus parking garage) and then this challenge is yours.

For owners of the standard (non-black-edition) NFSMW, you can mod it into the Black Edition if you get your hands on the "INGAMEC.BUN" (located in NFSMF/Global dir) from the Black Edition and overwrite yours with it.
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