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Default Re: 6600GT black screen / Restart

yep the board is flashed to the latest version.. I returned the card today in the shop..there was a broken corner on of those black things (dont know the english word for it) n I just noticed it today after lookin at it properly in the shop the guy said normally he cant take it back then since it has a piece broken off but he returned it anyways but I noticed now that black thing where a corner was broken off the card I got now that black thing has a few scratches on also u can see the card has been "used" because the golden stripes for the AGP slot show marks..Im thinkin that the shop might bought the cards from the manufactur directly but those cards where "used" cards which have been returned but tested n they worked..thats the only way i can explain it to myself..but either way I just could exchange it so lets see if it works..i was talkin with him about it n he said he cant imagine its the graphic card but n my feelings tell me it really isnt but I just blame it right now since its the only part I upgraded lately so I can atleast make sure that the graphic card is ok if the blackouts still occur then its most likely the motherboard or the PSU (eventho I tried 2 different ones)..rams i tested the other day with memtest86 n they were fine..ok lets what happens if it still has blackouts then it wasnt the card n I can start saving money for a new mainboard n CPU... @ leekirlew u know what ever happend to the computer shop? they seemed to have closed down all their shops in the UK over night? I used to shop there but now I just go to maplin..Im going back to london in january so im going to send my PC over there via mail so by the time I arrive my PC arrives there aswell but thank god I have and old crt in london otherwise I would have to send my crt via mail n that would be too expensive lol..
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