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Default Inno3d 6600 AGP Problems

Hi All,

So having bought an Inno3d 6600 256Mb AGP 8x card, since installing it i have had no end of woe. I have tried the fllowing driver/kernel combinations

1. Ubuntu Breezy 'nvidia-glx' package, with nvidia driver 1.0-7667, kernel module 1.0-7667 and kernel version 2.6.12 with ubuntu patches (2.6.12-10-686-smp), resulting in a black screen upon starting X and being unable to chvt to the console. SSH'ing back in to find that XOrg is chewing cpu, and that I have the seemingly infamous 'Xid' bug, dmesg full of 'NVRM: Xid 6' and 'WAIT' in Xorg.0.log.

2. with latest Nvidia drivers (1.0-7676) installed using the nvidia installer, same result, both with and without agpgart.

At this point i'm starting to get a bit peeved, so scouring these forums i find out that 1.0-8168 has leaked.

3. w/ 1.0-8168 using nvidia installer. with and without agpgart. Same result 'Xid' and 'WAIT' and a blank screen.

Back to the forums and to google, to find the patch for 1.0-6629 to mke it compile against he latest kernel

4. , 1.0-6629-patched , without agpgart in the kernel. Joy, i finally get a working X server, however i now discover 3 things:

i) /proc/nvidia/agp/status claims agp is disabled, despite having 8x supported in both the card and the host-bridge entriesin proc.

ii) /var/log/Xorg.0.log contains "(II) NVIDIA(0): Detected PCI Express Link width: 4X" , WHAT? i don't even have PCI-E ?! , also seeminlgy non-deterministicaly i get that line with 16X or 4X.

iii) any gl application chews 99% cpu, and crawls.

So now i'm stumped - is (ii) the root problem?, is (iii) a known symptom of (i) ? I've looked for newer bios's for my card, but the only Inno3d bios i could find is the revision i'm running.
Also - why is NVAGP not kicking in, given i have a purportedly supported chipset.

So here's the gory details of the setup:
Motherboard: Intel D865GLC
Memory: 2x512 PC333 (run under memtest, no errors)
CPU: 3.06GHz P4
Inno3d BIOS Version:
Xorg version: Ubuntu 6.8.2-77

Attached are my Xorg.conf / dmesg / Xorg.0.log / output

My next plan is to try replacing the inno3d biios with a different bios. whether this is a sane thing to try or not. I'm out of options.

Here's hoping someone's fixed this elsewhere, or has an idea what to try.

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