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Default Re: 6600GT black pixel dots in 2D; stuttering games

Thank you for your replies
- It should not be windows problem - I also made a fresh install to be sure
- It is not driver-related as well I think
- the stuttering in some games might be ram-related. I tried the no pagefile trick and cleaning ram before playing and it did not stutter at all untill I got the message that windows is low on virtual memory.
the black artifact pixel problem. GRRR!
Sometimes the noise becomes so violent (at least once in 10 minutes in when using Windows) - corrupts visually open browser windows etc that the computer freezes and then makes a beep-sound, screen goes black and after a second the picture comes back as okay as it gets (only some black dots). In games there is no visual corruption, no restarts, no black screens or freezing.
I have done no overclocking on the card/system. Tried lowering the clocks but the coolbits would not let the card run on substandard clocks (500core/900mem).
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