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Default Re: Unable to use 1280x1024 in OpenGL games on FreeBSD (NVRM output included)

Sorry for the shameless bump, does anyone have any idea? I want to add that the problem doesn't appear in all games under FreeBSD. I seem to be able to use 1280x1024 with the games/quake2lnx (which despite the 'lnx' is built under FreeBSD natively) port. Come to think of it, it seems it's only the Linux games that have the problem.

Also, the NVRM errors pasted above I suspect are printed *after* I hit CTRL+ALT+F1 to kill off the frozen game. The reason I say this is that the first time I went to ttyv0 to escape out of the game there were only 4-6 lines or so, when I did it again there were more.
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