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Default Leadtek A400 6800NU problems!

hey, first off my system specs are:

amd64 3500+ processor
1gb PC2100 ddr ram (2 x 512mb sticks)
120gb and 60gb hard drives
AGP nvidia gerforce 6800 (with all 16 vertex pipelines opened with no problems)
Asus A8V motherboard (not the delux version)

basically my pronlem is that games performace is slow, there is sumtimes lag. i have need for speed most wanted, so does my friend who has a sempron 3000+, 1gb ram and 6600GT, and his runs smoother than mine. could it be that he has 3 ram sticks running in dual channel mode. mine only run in single channel, i have tried all diferent slots, its probs because they are cheap makes.

basically is it my graphics card or my ram that is causing these slowdowns in games. because i know its not my processor.

also just did a Ram test in SIS Sandra, and i only got 1876MB/s. i'v seen such higher scores than that.

what am i doing wrong?

in 3dmark03 i get:

with 16 pipelines enabled and 360/760 speeds: 10174

my cpu score is 622

there doesnt seem to be any REAL speed improvement over my old system, Pentium 4 2.66ghz and the rest o the components r the same (apart from motherboard).

with my old system i got just over 9000 in 3dmark03.

is there any bios that runs it better? my friends 6600GT runs NFS:most wanted better than me, mines all jerky in some places.


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